Fairy Liquid Original 5 Ltr

Fairy Liquid Original 5 Ltr
Fairy gives the cleaning power you can always trust for your washing up. Its concentrated formula cuts through grease instantly, to give you a brilliant clean and one drop goes a long way, as it lasts 50% longer than the next best selling brand. It means you use fewer plastic bottles, which is good news for the environment.

If when doing the washing up, you find stubborn dirt that is stuck on simply soak in water and sprinkle a little washing powder on item, in 5 min item as good as new.

Also try Fairy All in One Dishwasher Tablets for sparkling dishes and a sparkling dishwasher. Designed and tested for use on all leading dishwashers.

Pack Size: 5L

50% longer-lasting than the next best-selling brand
Lots of suds, long lasting bubbles, powerful grease cutting
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